Dyck’s Compounding Services

In an era where pharmaceutical manufacturers have taken over many of the original functions of pharmacists, it is rare to find a pharmacy where the art of compounding medications is alive and well. We are a P.C.C.A. Compounding Centre (Professional Compounding Centres of America).


Compounding at Dyck’s Pharmacists

Dyck’s Pharmacists have been skilled practitioners of compounding since we opened in 1955. We have always embraced new pharmaceutical practices, but also believe strongly in the importance of maintaining strong compounding skills. Compounding is a service we enjoy providing our customers. Our lab is outfitted with the very latest in technology to allow us to better perform the art of compounding.

We have the physical resources to prepare all sorts of compounded materials for our customers. We have a separate space beside our store that is specifically designed for compounding, and are among the only pharmacies in BC with a Clean room containing a Laminar Flow Hood (UV light and HEPA filters provide an area that is aseptic and allows us to prepare compounds in the most sterile way). The clean room also contains a Class 1 & 2 Biological Safety cabinet allowing us to prepare sterile products for products that require special handling to protect the pharmacist / technician preparing them.


Different Types of Compounding

Creams, lip balms, capsules, even customized medications for your family pet as well as Hormone Replacement Thereapy products: Dyck’s has the expertise, the resources and the know-how to specially make just about any type of medication. If we haven’t heard of a specific formula, we’ll use our professional resources and support to find the recipe.

We’re well stocked with chemical ingredients, and our pharmacists have completed in-depth courses on preparing customized medications. We have the desire and training to meet any request, no matter how peculiar it may seem. We’re part of a network of pharmacists throughout Canada and the United States providing these specialized services to the public and have access to recent advances in the field.


Personalized Just For You

We welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss your specialized medication needs with you, your physician or dentist. If you’d like more information, email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or, if you’d prefer, give one of our pharmacists a call today.

PCCA proud member